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Insights on the impact of mitochondrial organisation on bioenergetics in high-resolution computational models of cardiac cell architecture

Shouryadipta Ghosh, Kenneth Tran, Lea Delbridge, Anthony Hickey, Eric Hanssen, Edmund Crampin, Vijay Rajagopal

Published : 2018


Abstract Recent electron microscopy data have revealed that cardiac mitochondria are not arranged in crystalline columns, but are organised with several mitochondria aggregated into columns of varying sizes often spanning the cell cross-section. This raises the question - how does the mitochondrial arrangement affect the metabolite distributions within cardiomyocytes and their impact on force dynamics? Here we employed finite element modelling of cardiac bioenergetics, using computational meshes derived from electron microscope images, to address this question. Our results indicate that heterogeneous mitochondrial distributions can lead to significant spatial variation across the cell in con..

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