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Effects of preloading and consolidation on the uplift capacity of skirted foundations

X Li, C Gaudin, Y Tian, MJ Cassidy

Géotechnique | ICE PUBLISHING | Published : 2015


Centrifuge tests investigating the effect of compressive preloading and consolidation on the subsequent uplift capacity of shallow skirted foundations that rest on lightly over-consolidated kaolin clay are reported. The uplift resistance, total and pore pressures at the foundation invert were monitored during the installation, consolidation and uplift. The results show that uplift performed immediately after the preloading generates a lower capacity due to the remoulding of the clay and reduction in soil strengths that result from the application of preloading. The soil strength can be recovered and eventually enhanced by the subsequent consolidation process. A theoretical framework, where t..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The research described here forms part of the activities of the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS), the ARC Centre of Excellence for Geotechnical Science and Engineering (ARC CE110001009) and the Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF). LRF a UK registered charity and sole shareholder of Lloyd's Register Group Ltd, invests in science, engineering and technology for public benefit, worldwide. The financial support from the Scholarship for International Research Fees provided by The University of Western Australia and the Australia-China Natural Gas Partnership Fund Top-Up Scholarship are also gratefully acknowledged. Acknowledgements are also extended to Manuel Palacios in the centrifuge lab, David Jones in the workshop, and John Breen and Shane De Catania in the electronic lab for their technical support.