Conference Proceedings

Comparative study of bearing capacity of buried footings using random limit analysis and random finite element method

JH Li, MJ Cassidy, Y Tian, J Huang, AV Lyamin, M Uzielli, F Oka (ed.), A Murakami (ed.), R Uzuoka (ed.), S Kimoto (ed.)

Computer Methods and Recent Advances in Geomechanics | CRC PRESS-TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP | Published : 2015


Bearing capacity and failure mechanism of a buried footing in uniformsoils have been simulated using limit analysis and finite element analysis in the past decades. In realistic conditions, soil properties always vary spatially. This dramatically affects the failure mechanism of a footing and, in turn, its bearing capacity. This paper illustrates an investigation into the failure mechanism and bearing capacity of a vertically and centrally loaded footing embedded in spatially variable clayey soils using random lower bound limit analysis, random upper bound limit analysis and random finite element analysis. The footing was embedded to 4 times its width. Monte Carlo simulation was performed fo..

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