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Characterization of the apicomplexan amino acid transporter (ApiAT) family inToxoplasma gondii

Kathryn Parker, Stephen Fairweather, Esther Rajendran, Martin Blume, Malcolm McConville, Stefan Bröer, Kiaran Kirk, Giel van Dooren

Published : 2018


Apicomplexan parasites are auxotrophic for a range of amino acids which must be salvaged from their host cells, either through direct uptake or degradation of host proteins. Here, we describe a family of plasma membrane-localized amino acid transporters, termed the Apicomplexan Amino acid Transporters (ApiATs), that are ubiquitous in apicomplexan parasites. Functional characterization of the ApiATs of Toxoplasma gondii indicate that several of these transporters are important for intracellular growth of the tachyzoite stage of the parasite, which is responsible for acute infections. We demonstrate that the ApiAT protein Tg ApiAT5-3 is an exchanger for aromatic and large neutral amino acids, ..

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