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Development of white matter fibre density and morphology over childhood: a longitudinal fixel-based analysis

Sila Genc, Robert Smith, Charles Malpas, Vicki Anderson, Jan Nicholson, Daryl Efron, Emma Sciberras, Marc Seal, Timothy Silk

Published : 2018


Purpose White matter fibre development in childhood involves dynamic changes to microstructural organisation driven by increasing axon diameter, density, and myelination. However, there is a lack of longitudinal studies that have quantified advanced diffusion metrics to identify regions of accelerated fibre maturation, particularly across the early pubertal period. We applied a novel longitudinal fixel-based analysis (FBA) framework, in order to estimate microscopic and macroscopic white matter changes over time. Methods Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) data were acquired for 59 typically developing children (27 female) aged 9 – 13 years at two time-points approximately 16 months apart (time..

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