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Age, sex, and puberty related development of the corpus callosum: a multi-technique diffusion MRI study

Sila Genc, Charles Malpas, Gareth Ball, Timothy Silk, Marc Seal

Published : 2017


Purpose The corpus callosum is integral to the central nervous system, and continually develops with age by virtue of increasing axon diameter and ongoing myelination. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques offer a means to disentangle these two aspects of white matter development. We investigate the profile of microstructural metrics across the corpus callosum, and assess the impact of age, sex and pubertal development on these processes. Methods This study made use of two independent paediatric populations. Multi-shell diffusion MRI data were analysed to produce a suite of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), neurite orientation density and dispersion imaging (NODDI), and apparent fibre de..

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