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Post-transcriptional control of EMT is coordinated through combinatorial targeting by multiple microRNAs

Joseph Cursons, Katherine Pillman, Kaitlin Scheer, Philip Gregory, Momeneh Foroutan, Soroor Hediyeh Zadeh, John Toubia, Edmund Crampin, Gregory Goodall, Cameron Bracken, Melissa Davis

Published : 2017


Abstract Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a process whereby cells undergo reversible phenotypic change, losing epithelial characteristics and acquiring mesenchymal attributes. While EMT underlies normal, physiological programs in embryonic tissue development and adult wound healing, it also contributes to cancer progression by facilitating metastasis and altering drug sensitivity. Using a cell model of EMT (human mammary epithelial (HMLE) cells), we show that miRNAs act as an additional regulatory layer over and above the activity of the transcription factors with which they are closely associated. In this context, miRNAs serve to both enhance expression changes for genes with EMT ..

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