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Long-range chromatin interactions on the inactive X and at Hox clusters are regulated by the non-canonical SMC protein Smchd1

Natasha Jansz, Andrew Keniry, Marie Trussart, Heidi Bildsoe, Tamara Beck, Ian Tonks, Arne Mould, Peter Hickey, Kelsey Breslin, Megan Iminitoff, Matthew Ritchie, Edwina McGlinn, Graham Kay, James Murphy, Marnie Blewitt

Published : 2018


Abstract The regulation of higher order chromatin structure is complex and dynamic; however we do not yet understand the full suite of mechanisms governing architecture. Here we reveal the non-canonical SMC protein Smchd1 as a novel regulator of long-range chromatin interactions, and add it to the canon of epigenetic proteins required for Hox gene regulation. The effect of losing Smchd1-dependent chromatin interactions has varying outcomes dependent on chromatin context. At autosomal targets transcriptionally sensitive to Smchd1 deletion, we find increased short-range interactions and ectopic enhancer activation. By contrast, the inactive X chromosome is transcriptionally refractive to Smchd..

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