Conference Proceedings

What vocabulary do teachers use when analysing the use of representations in classroom situations?

Marita Eva Friesen, Carmel Mesiti, Sebastian Kuntze, Ewa Bergqvist (ed.), Magnus Österholm (ed.), Carina Granberg (ed.), Lovisa Sumpter (ed.)

IGPME | Published : 2018


The International Classroom Lexicon Project has drawn attention to research into the professional vocabulary teachers use when describing classroom phenomena. It is assumed that what teachers identify and interpret when observing classroom situa-tions is not only channelled by their knowledge but also by what they can name. The documentation of professional vocabulary might therefore be of special interest when teachers’ analysing of classroom situations is investigated. Building on our prior re-search, we documented the professional vocabulary used by teachers when analysing classroom situations regarding the use of representations. Although the teachers used specific vocabulary in their an..

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