Book Chapter

Maximiliano Schonfeld’s Films of the Volga Germans in Entre Ríos: About the Neoliberal Devil in Argentine Cinema

C Sandberg

Contemporary Latin American Cinema: Resisting Neoliberalism? | Palgrave Macmillan | Published : 2018


This chapter deals with Maximiliano Schonfeld’s work with and about the rurally-based Volga German community in the Argentine province, Entre Ríos. The films of the young Argentine director interlink themes of social marginality, rural setting and neoliberal critique. Utilising documentary and fictional modes, open narrative structures and enticing visuals, they draw pictures of a community in crisis. Consumer culture has begun shaping the desires of younger Volga Germans, while a concentration of capital and business in the agricultural sector threatens the existence of small-scale businesses. With reference to the shorts Esnorquel (2006), Entreluces (2006) and the feature film Germania (20..

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