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Metal Cluster Electrides: A New Type of Molecular Electride with Delocalised Polyattractor Character

Ouissam El Bakouri, Veronica Postils, Marc Garcia-Borras, Miquel Duran, Josep M Luis, Simone Calvello, Alessandro Soncini, Eduard Matito, Ferran Feixas, Miquel Sola

Chemistry - A European Journal | WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH | Published : 2018


Awarded by Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad (MINECO) of Spain

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work has been supported by the Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad (MINECO) of Spain (Projects CTQ2017-85341-P to M.S., CTQ2014-52525-P to E.M. and J.M.L., and EUIN2017-88605 to E.M., and grant no. BES-2012-052801 to V.P.), the Basque Government (Project IT588-13), and the Generalitat de Catalunya (Project 2017SGR39, Xarxa de Referencia en Quimica Terica i Computacional, ICREA Academia 2014 prize for M.S., and grant No. 2014FI_B 00429 to O.E.B.). M.G.-B. thanks the Ramon Areces Foundation for a postdoctoral fellowship. F.F. acknowledges financial support of the Beatriu de Pinos programme from AGAUR for the postdoctoral grant BP_A_00339 and BP_A2_00022. The EU under the FEDER grant UNGI10-4E-801 (European Fund for Regional Development) has also funded this research.