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Functionalised dairy streams: Tailoring protein functionality using sonication and heating

Thomas SH Leong, Vincent Walter, Charitha J Gamlath, Min Yang, Gregory JO Martin, Muthupandian Ashokkumar



Ultrasound can be used to modify the functional interactions between casein and whey proteins in dairy systems. This study reports on ongoing developments in understanding the effect of ultrasound and heating on milk proteins in systems with modified casein-whey protein ratios (97:3, 80:20 and 50:50), prepared from milk protein concentrates that were fractionated by microfiltration, based on protein size. Heating of concentrated casein streams (9% w/w) at 80.0 °C for up to 9 min resulted in reduced gelation functionality and increased viscosity, even in the absence of added whey proteins. 20 kHz ultrasonication at 20.8 W calorimetric power for 1 min was able to break protein aggregates forme..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council's Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) funding scheme

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported under Australian Research Council's Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) funding scheme (project number IH120100005). The ARC Dairy Innovation Hub is a collaboration between The University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland and Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd. We are grateful for the support provided by Dr Mike Weeks and Mr Mark Schleyer from Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd. for the operation of the microfiltration pilot plant. Confocal scanning microscopy was performed in the Advanced Microscopy Facility in the Bio21 Institute of the University of Melbourne.