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Aspartyl Protease 5 matures virulence factors found at the host-parasite interface in Toxoplasma gondii

Michael Coffey, Laura Dagley, Eugene Kapp, Giuseppe Infusini, Justin Boddey, Andrew Webb, Christopher Tonkin

Published : 2018


Abstract Toxoplasma gondii infects approximately 30% of the world’s population, causing disease primarily during pregnancy and in individuals with weakened immune systems. Toxoplasma secretes and exports effector proteins that modulate the host during infection and several of these proteins are processed by the Golgi-associated Aspartyl Protease 5 (ASP5). Here, we identify ASP5 substrates by selectively enriching N-terminally-derived peptides from wildtype and Δ asp5 parasites. We reveal over two thousand unique Toxoplasma N-terminal peptides, mapping to both natural N-termini and protease cleavage sites. Several of these peptides mapped directly downstream of the characterised ASP5-cleavage..

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