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Biomarkers for Macrosomia Prediction in Pregnancies Affected by Diabetes

Sofia Nahavandi, Jas-mine Seah, Alexis Shub, Christine Houlihan, Elif I Ekinci

Frontiers in Endocrinology | Frontiers | Published : 2018


Large birthweight, or macrosomia, is one of the commonest complications for pregnancies affected by diabetes. As macrosomia is associated with an increased risk of a number of adverse outcomes for both the mother and offspring, accurate antenatal prediction of fetal macrosomia could be beneficial in guiding appropriate models of care and interventions that may avoid or reduce these associated risks. However, current prediction strategies which include physical examination and ultrasound assessment, are imprecise. Biomarkers are proving useful in various specialties and may offer a new avenue for improved prediction of macrosomia. Prime biomarker candidates in pregnancies with diabetes includ..

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