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Genome-wide association study of intraocular pressure uncovers new pathways to glaucoma

Stuart MacGregor, Jue-Sheng Ong, Jiyuan An, Xikun Han, Tiger Zhou, Owen M Siggs, Matthew H Law, Emmanuelle Souzeau, Shiwani Sharma, David J Lynn, Jonathan Beesley, Bronwyn Sheldrick, Richard A Mills, John Landers, Jonathan B Ruddle, Stuart L Graham, Paul R Healey, Andrew JR White, Robert J Casson, Stephen Best Show all

Nature Genetics | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2018


Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was conducted by using the UK Biobank Resource (application number 25331) and publicly available data from the International Glaucoma Genetics Consortium. This work was supported by grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia (1107098 (J.E.C.), 1116360 (D.A.M.), 1116495 (J.E.C.) and 1023911 (D.A.M.)), the Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia and the BrightFocus Foundation. S.M. is supported by an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. K.P.B., J.E.C. and A.W.H. are supported by NHMRC Fellowships. D.J.L. is supported by an EMBL Australia group leader award. We thank S. Wood and J. Pearson from QIMR Berghofer for IT support.