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Melanin-concentrating hormone and orexin systems in rat nucleus incertus: Dual innervation, bidirectional effects on neuron activity, and differential influences on arousal and feeding

Azadeh Sabetghadam, Agnieszka Grabowiecka-Nowak, Alan Kania, Anna Gugula, Ewa Blasiak, Tomasz Blasiak, Sherie Ma, Andrew L Gundlach, Anna Blasiak

Neuropharmacology | PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD | Published : 2018

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by NHMRC

Awarded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MSHE, Poland)

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Funding Acknowledgements

The research was supported by NHMRC, project grant 1067522 (ALG), a NARSAD Independent Investigator Award (ALG), a grant from the Dorothy Levien Foundation (ALG), a Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MSHE, Poland 0020/DIA/2014/43) grant (AK); The National Science Centre (DEC-2012/05/D/NZ4/02984) (AB and ALG) and (2014/15/B/NZ4/04896) (TB and AB); and an EU-funded Exchange Program (FP7-PEOPLE-IRSES PIRSES-GA-2012-318997 NEUREN project) (AB, ALG). AS was supported by MIRS and MIFRS postgraduate training awards from The University of Melbourne. We acknowledge financial support from the Victorian State Government Infrastructure Program to The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.