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The mammalian decidual cell evolved from a cellular stress response

Eric Erkenbrack, Jamie Maziarz, Oliver Griffith, Cong Liang, Arun Chavan, Günter Wagner

Published : 2018


Abstract Among animal species, cell types vary greatly in terms of number and kind. The broad range of number of cell types among species suggests that cell type origination is a significant source of evolutionary novelty. The molecular mechanisms giving rise to novel cell types, however, are poorly understood. Here we show that a novel cell type of eutherian mammals, the decidual stromal cell (DSC), evolved by rewiring an ancestral cellular stress response. We isolated the precursor cell type of DSCs, endometrial stromal fibroblasts (ESFs), from the opossum Monodelphis domestica . We show that, in opossum ESF, the majority of decidual core regulatory genes respond to decidualizing signals, ..

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