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Inhibitors of histone acetyltransferases KAT6A/B induce senescence and arrest tumour growth

Jonathan B Baell, David J Leaver, Stefan J Hermans, Gemma L Kelly, Margs S Brennan, Natalie L Downer, Nghi Nguyen, Johannes Wichmann, Helen M Mcrae, Yuqing Yang, Ben Cleary, H Rachel Lagiakos, Stephen Mieruszynski, Guido Pacini, Hannah K Vanyai, Maria I Bergamasco, Rose E May, Bethany K Davey, Kimberly J Morgan, Andrew J Sealey Show all

Nature | NATURE RESEARCH | Published : 2018


Awarded by Australian Government through NHMRC project

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank F. Dabrowski, C. D'Alessandro, WEHI Bioservices, the WEHI FACS laboratory, the MX2 beamline staff at the Australian Synchrotron for their expert help and Z. Gong for the two transgenic zebrafish lines. This work was funded by the Australian Government through NHMRC project grants 1030704, 1080146, Research Fellowships (T.T., A.K.V., G.K.S., J.K.H., M.W.P. and J.B.), the NHMRC IRIISS and the Cancer Therapeutics Cooperative Research Centre. The Victorian State Government OIS Grants to WEHI, Monash and St Vincent's Institute are gratefully acknowledged.