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Deficiency of the Wnt receptor Ryk causes multiple cardiac and outflow tract defects

Kumudhini Kugathasan, Michael M Halford, Peter G Farlie, Damien Bates, Darrin P Smith, You Fang Zhang, James P Roy, Maria L Macheda, Dong Zhang, James L Wilkinson, Margaret L Kirby, Donald F Newgreen, Steven A Stacker



Ryk is a member of the receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) family of proteins that control and regulate cellular processes. It is distinguished by binding Wnt ligands and having no detectable intrinsic protein tyrosine kinase activity suggesting Ryk is a pseudokinase. Here, we show an essential role for Ryk in directing morphogenetic events required for normal cardiac development through the examination of Ryk-deficient mice. We employed vascular corrosion casting, vascular perfusion with contrast dye, and immunohistochemistry to characterize cardiovascular and pharyngeal defects in Ryk-/- embryos. Ryk-/- mice exhibit a variety of malformations of the heart and outflow tract that resemble human c..

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