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An I/O-Efficient Algorithm for Computing Vertex Separators on Multi-Dimensional Grid Graphs and Its Applications

Junhao Gan, Yufei Tao

Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications | Brown University | Published : 2018


A vertex separator, in general, refers to a set of vertices whose removal disconnects the original graph into subgraphs possessing certain nice properties. Such separators have proved useful for solving a variety of graph problems. The core contribution of the paper is an I/O-efficient algorithm that finds, on any d-dimensional grid graph, a small vertex separator which mimics the well-known separator of [Maheshwari and Zeh, SICOMP’08] for planar graphs. We accompany our algorithm with two applications. First, by integrating our separators with existing algorithms, we strengthen the current state-of-the-art results of three fundamental problems on 2D grid graphs: finding connected components..

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