Journal article

Hedonic Pricing of Cloud Computing Services

C Wu, A Nadjaran Toosi, R Buyya, K Ramamohanarao

IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers | Published : 2021


Cloud service providers (CSP) and consumers demand to forecast the cloud price to optimize their business strategy. However, the cloud pricing based on consumers' willingness to pay (W2P) becomes challenging due to the subjectiveness of consumers' experiences and implicit values of some non-marketable prices, such as burstable CPU, dedicated server, and cloud data center global footprints. Many existing pricing models often cannot support value-based pricing. We propose a novel solution based on value-based pricing that not only considers how much does the service cost (or intrinsic values) to a CSP but also how much customer is willing to pay (or extrinsic values). We demonstrate that the c..

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