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Mesoscale Variation in Diabatic Heating around Sumatra, and Its Modulation with the Madden-Julian Oscillation

Claire L Vincent, Todd P Lane



Diabatic heating in the Maritime Continent region is controlled by a unique blend of mesoscale variability associated with steep topography and complex coastlines and intraseasonal variability associated with propagating planetary-scale disturbances. In this study, the diabatic heating from a 10-yr austral summer simulation over the Maritime Continent with a 4-km horizontal grid length is analyzed with respect to diurnal, spatial, and intraseasonal variations. Results are compared, where possible, to analogous estimates from the TRMM precipitation radar. We show that the heating budget is largely a balance between latent heating and vertical advection, with rays of heating and cooling extend..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence Program

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was funded by the Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence Program (CE170100023). The WRF Model simulations for this research were undertaken on the NCI National Computing Facility in Canberra, Australia, which is supported by the Australian Commonwealth Government. Thank you to Shoichi Shige for advice about TRMM SLH products, Bethan White for advice about aspects of the WRF simulations, and Gretchen Mullundore for helpful discussions about the manuscript. Thanks also to Walter Hannah and two anonymous reviewers for their comments that helped improved the manuscript.