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De novo transcriptome assembly for the spiny mouse (Acomys cahirinus)

Jared Mamrot, Roxane Legaie, Stacey Ellery, Trevor Wilson, David Gardner, David Walker, Peter Temple-Smith, Anthony Papenfuss, Hayley Dickinson

Published : 2016


Background: Spiny mice of the genus Acomys are small desert-dwelling rodents that display physiological characteristics not typically found in rodents. Recent investigations have reported a menstrual cycle and scar free-wound healing in this species; characteristics that are exceedingly rare in mammals, and of considerable interest to the scientific community. These unique physiological traits, and the potential for spiny mice to accurately model human diseases, are driving increased use of this genus in biomedical research. However, little genetic information is currently available for Acomys , limiting the application of some modern investigative techniques. This project aimed to generate..

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