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Not such silly sausages: Northern quolls exhibit aversion to toads after training with toad sausages

Naomi Indigo, James Smith, Jonathan Webb, Ben Phillips

Published : 2017


The invasion of toxic cane toads ( Rhinella marina ) is a major threat to northern quolls ( Dasyurus hallucatus ) which are poisoned when they attack this novel prey item. Quolls are now endangered as a consequence of the toad invasion. Conditioned taste aversion can be used to train individual quolls to avoid toads, but we currently lack a training technique that can be used at a landscape scale to buffer entire populations from toad impact. Broad scale deployment requires a bait that can be used for training, but there is no guarantee that such a bait will ultimately elicit aversion to toads. Here we test a manufactured bait—a ‘toad sausage’—for its ability to elicit aversion to toads in n..

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