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Family meta-emotion and the onset of major depressive disorder in adolescence: A prospective longitudinal study

Orli S Schwartz, Vanessa J Rowell, Sarah Whittle, Michelle L Byrne, Julian G Simmons, Lisa Sheeber, Vicki McKenzie, Nicholas B Allen



Meta-emotion philosophy refers to an organized set of thoughts, reactions, and feelings about one's emotions and the emotions of others (Gottman, Katz, & Hooven, 1997). This study investigated the prospective relationship between family meta-emotion processes and adolescent-onset major depressive disorder (MDD). Adolescents (N = 198, mean age 12.5 years) and one of their parents each completed the Meta-Emotion Interview (Katz & Gottman, 1986), and adolescents were followed-up at ages 15, 16.5, and 19 years to assess for MDD onset. In the Meta-Emotion Interviews, parents and adolescents were asked about both their own, and the others', anger and sadness. Results showed that parent-report of t..

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