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Dilute, derivatise and shoot: Measurement of urinary free metanephrines and catecholamines as ethyl derivatives by LC-MSMS

AG Ellis, PT Zeglinski, KE Coleman, MJ Whiting

Clinical Mass Spectrometry | Published : 2017


Background The measurement of catecholamines and their metabolites in either urine or plasma is an important diagnostic test used to exclude the presence of neuroendocrine tumours. Because of weak chromatographic retention and potential ion-suppression, reverse-phase LC-MSMS is not ideal for analysis of these polar molecules. Here, we investigate derivatisation by ethylation as an alternative approach. Methods A simple and rapid method involving acetaldehyde and a reducing agent was used to convert urine free metanephrines and catecholamines, and their deuterated analogues as internal standards, to mono-ethyl or diethyl- derivatives. Using an Agilent 6460 triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer,..

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