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Hierarchical prediction of industrial water demand based on refined Laspeyres decomposition analysis.

Yizi Shang, Shibao Lu, Jiaguo Gong, Ling Shang, Xiaofei Li, Yongping Wei, Hongwang Shi

Water Sci Technol | Published : 2017


A recent study decomposed the changes in industrial water use into three hierarchies (output, technology, and structure) using a refined Laspeyres decomposition model, and found monotonous and exclusive trends in the output and technology hierarchies. Based on that research, this study proposes a hierarchical prediction approach to forecast future industrial water demand. Three water demand scenarios (high, medium, and low) were then established based on potential future industrial structural adjustments, and used to predict water demand for the structural hierarchy. The predictive results of this approach were compared with results from a grey prediction model (GPM (1, 1)). The comparison s..

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