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Biomechanical evaluation of 6 transarticular tibiotarsal immobilization methods in canine cadaveric limbs

Takanori Sugiyama, Andrew Woodward, Stewart D Ryan



OBJECTIVE: To determine the effects of 6 types of transarticular immobilization techniques on tibiotarsal joint angles during stimulated weight bearing. STUDY DESIGN: Canine ex vivo biomechanical study. SAMPLE POPULATION: Canine cadaveric pelvic limbs (n = 15). METHODS: A validation study was conducted to determine tibiotarsal flexion before and after transection of the superficial digital flexor tendon in 5 canine cadaveric limbs without tibiotarsal joint immobilization. Six transarticular tibiotarsal immobilization techniques were tested sequentially in 10 canine cadaveric pelvic limbs. The tibiotarsal joint angles were measured from lateral projection radiographs before and during axial l..

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