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Patterns and drivers of species diversity in the Indo-Pacific red seaweed Portieria

Frederik Leliaert, Dioli Ann Payo, Carlos Frederico D Gurgel, Tom Schils, Stefano GA Draisma, Gary W Saunders, Mitsunobu Kamiya, Alison R Sherwood, Showe-Mei Lin, John M Huisman, Line Le Gall, Robert J Anderson, John J Bolton, Lydiane Mattio, Mayalen Zubia, Tracey Spokes, Christophe Vieira, Claude E Payri, Eric Coppejans, Sofie D'hondt Show all



AIM: Biogeographical processes underlying Indo‐Pacific biodiversity patterns have been relatively well studied in marine shallow water invertebrates and fishes, but have been explored much less extensively in seaweeds, despite these organisms often displaying markedly different patterns. Using the marine red alga Portieria as a model, we aim to gain understanding of the evolutionary processes generating seaweed biogeographical patterns. Our results will be evaluated and compared with known patterns and processes in animals. LOCATION: Indo‐Pacific marine region. METHODS: Species diversity estimates were inferred using DNA‐based species delimitation methods. Historical biogeographical patterns..

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