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Working-memory fMRI reveals cingulate hyperactivation in euthymic major depression.

Sonja Schöning, Pienie Zwitserlood, Almut Engelien, Andreas Behnken, Harald Kugel, Hagen Schiffbauer, Katharina Lipina, Christine Pachur, Anette Kersting, Udo Dannlowski, Bernhard T Baune, Peter Zwanzger, Thomas Reker, Walter Heindel, Volker Arolt, Carsten Konrad

Hum Brain Mapp | Published : 2009


While cognitive impairments are well documented for the acute episode of major depressive disorder (MDD), less is known about cognitive functioning in the euthymic state. For working memory, dysfunctional activation of lateral prefrontal and cingulate cortex has been reported in the acute episode. This study investigates working-memory function and its neurobiological correlate in euthymic MDD patients, particularly whether dysfunctional activation persists when depressive symptoms improve. We investigated 56 subjects with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) at 3 Tesla. To challenge working-memory function, a classical verbal n-back task (0-, 1-, and 2-back) was used in 28 well-char..

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