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Serotonin receptor 1A-1019C/G variant: impact on antidepressant pharmacoresponse in melancholic depression?

BT Baune, C Hohoff, T Roehrs, J Deckert, V Arolt, K Domschke

Neuroscience Letters | Published : 2008


Previous studies on the effects of serotonin receptor 1A (5-HT1A) gene variation on treatment response in depression revealed inconsistent results with studies pointing towards a detrimental influence of the 5-HT1A-1019G allele on antidepressant treatment response, while others did not discern any involvement of 5-HT1A variants. In order to further delineate the impact of 5-HT1A gene variation on pharmacoresponse in depression over 6 weeks of antidepressant treatment, the influence of the 5-HT1A-1019C/G (rs6295) polymorphism was investigated in 340 Caucasian patients with a Major Depressive Episode (DSM-IV) with particular attention to the subtype of depression (major depression and melancho..

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