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Differential contribution of Bud6p and Kar9p to microtubule capture and spindle orientation in S. cerevisiae.

Stephen M Huisman, Olivia AM Bales, Marie Bertrand, Monique FMA Smeets, Steven I Reed, Marisa Segal

The Journal of Cell Biology | Published : 2004


In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, spindle orientation is controlled by a temporal and spatial program of microtubule (MT)-cortex interactions. This program requires Bud6p/Aip3p to direct the old pole to the bud and confine the new pole to the mother cell. Bud6p function has been linked to Kar9p, a protein guiding MTs along actin cables. Here, we show that Kar9p does not mediate Bud6p functions in spindle orientation. Based on live microscopy analysis, kar9Delta cells maintained Bud6p-dependent MT capture. Conversely, bud6Delta cells supported Kar9p-associated MT delivery to the bud. Moreover, additive phenotypes in bud6Delta kar9Delta or bud6Delta dyn1Delta mutants underscored the separate contri..

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