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Constituents of "teabacco": A forensic analysis of cigarettes made from diverted nicotine replacement therapy lozenges in smoke-free prisons

Courtney Mitchell, Cheneal Puljevic, Ross Coomber, Alan White, Sarah L Cresswell, Jasper Bowman, Stuart A Kinner

Drug Testing and Analysis | WILEY | Published : 2019


Following the implementation of prison smoke-free policies, there have been reports of prisoners creating substitute cigarettes made from nicotine replacement therapy patches or lozenges infused with tea leaves ("teabacco"). No studies have analyzed the chemical constituents of teabacco made from nicotine lozenges, so as to document any potential related health hazards. Teabacco samples were made by a participant who reported creating teabacco while incarcerated in a smoke-free prison in Queensland, Australia, and the process was video-recorded for replication in a laboratory. A simple linear smoking system captured the teabacco smoke for analysis. Inductively coupled plasma optical emission..

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