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Assessment of Placental Cortisol Pathway Gene Expression in Term Pregnant Women with Anxiety

Penelope M Sheehan, Chad Bousman, Angela Komiti, Fiona Judd, Louise Newman, Bruce Tonge, David Castle, Ian Everall



INTRODUCTION: The aim of this study was to expand on this field of work by examining, within a cohort of pregnant women with diagnosed clinical anxiety, the mRNA expression of a panel of genes associated with the cortisol pathway and comparing them to controls. METHODS: Placental samples were obtained from 24 pregnant women, 12 with a diagnosed anxiety disorder and 12 with no psychiatric history, within 30 min of delivery. Differential expression analysis of 85 genes known to be involved in glucocorticoid synthesis, metabolism or signalling was conducted for the: (1) full sample, (2) those at term without labour (5 cases, 7 controls) and (3) those at term with labour (7 cases, 5 controls). C..

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