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Outcome of hospital outpatient treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders

Chamara Basnayake, Michael A Kamm, Michael Salzberg, Annalise Stanley, Angela Khera, Kathryn Burrell, Amy Wilson-O'Brien, Geoffrey Hebbard, Alexander J Thompson



BACKGROUND: Functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID) are the commonest conditions observed in gastrointestinal (GI) practice, yet the outcomes of their outpatient care are not known. AIM: To evaluate the outcome for patients with FGID attending a specialist GI clinic. METHODS: Consecutive, newly referred patients with a FGID attending a specialist GI clinic in a tertiary hospital, over a 1-year period were reviewed and then completed a phone survey to assess current symptoms. RESULTS: Of 102 patients, 57% had irritable bowel syndrome, 28% functional dyspepsia and 15% other functional disorders. At interview, a median of 402 days after the last consultation 38% expressed symptom improveme..

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