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Systematic Review: An Update on the Spectrum of Urological Malignancies in Lynch Syndrome

Dora Huang, Surena F Matin, Nathan Lawrentschuk, Morgan Roupret

Bladder cancer | IOS PRESS | Published : 2018


Background: Lynch syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder that predisposes individuals affected to certain malignancies. Colon and endometrial cancers are the malignancies most highly associated with Lynch syndrome. However, growing body of evidence links Lynch syndrome to urological cancers. Objective: This review aims to clarify the type of urological malignancies that fall under the Lynch-associated cancer spectrum. Methods: Using PRISMA guidelines, a systematic search between January 1990 to February 2018, was conducted using the MEDLINE database with the application of the following MESH terms: colorectal neoplasms, hereditary nonpolyposis; DNA mismatch repair; urologic neoplasms; ki..

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