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The Ghosts Of Nothing: The World of a Work Of Performance-Framed-as-Art

S Lowry, Ilmar Taimre

What Is Performance Art? | Power Publications | Published : 2018


The Ghosts of Nothing, a collaboration between Australian artists Sean Lowry and Ilmar Taimre, recently generated a series of imagined and mime-based performances within the conceptual architecture of a ‘world tour of abandoned music venues’. This ‘tour’ formed part of an ongoing project titled In Memory of Johnny B. Goode (2014– ). Through mimed street performances and other performative iterations such as a radio play, The Ghosts of Nothing have continually and radically re-medialised the original ‘rock opera’ that launched the project to form an unpredictably ‘open’ work, to use Umberto Eco’s well-known label. From a literal viewpoint, the ‘work’ In Memory of Johnny B. Goode exists nowher..

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