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Happiness is a Choice: Sentiment and Activity-Aware Location Recommendation

J Wang, Y Feng, E Naghizade, L Rashidi, KH Lim, K Lee

The Web Conference 2018 - Companion of the World Wide Web Conference, WWW 2018 | International World Wide Web Conference Committee | Published : 2018


Studying large, widely spread Twitter data has laid the foundation for many novel applications from predicting natural disasters and epidemics to understanding urban dynamics. Recent studies have focused on exploring people's emotional response to their urban environment, e.g., green spaces versus built up areas, through analysing the sentiment of tweets within that area. Since green spaces have the capacity to improve citizen's well-being, we developed a system that is capable of recommending green spaces to users. Our system is unique in the sense that the recommendations are tailored with regard to users' preferred activity as well as the degree of positive sentiments in each green space...

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