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Hyaluronan ReceptorLYVE-1-Expressing Macrophages Maintain Arterial Tone through Hyaluronan-Mediated Regulation of Smooth Muscle Cell Collagen

Hwee Ying Lim, Sheau Yng Lim, Chek Kun Tan, Chung Hwee Thiam, Chi Ching Goh, Daniel Carbajo, Samantha Hui Shang Chew, Peter See, Svetoslav Chakarov, Xiao Nong Wang, Li Hui Lim, Louise A Johnson, Josephine Lum, Chui Yee Fong, Ariff Bongso, Arijit Biswas, Chern Goh, Maximilien Evrard, Kim Pin Yeo, Ranu Basu Show all

Immunity | CELL PRESS | Published : 2018


Awarded by NMRC

Awarded by Singapore NRF Senior Investigatorship

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank K. Shortman for critical discussion, Y.H. Lee, Y.S. Yip, and Y.L. Chua for technical assistance, and G.H. Teo and P.E. Hutchinson from Flow Cytometry Lab and E. Koh from Advanced Imaging core facility (Life Science Institute, Immunology programme, NUS) for sharing their expertise. This work was supported by NMRC (CBRGnov094) and NRF grants to V.A., UK Medical research Council funding to D.G.J., and EMBO YIP, SIgN core funding, and Singapore NRF Senior Investigatorship (NRFI2017-02) to F.G.