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The Drivers of Pathology in Zoonotic Avian influenza: The interplay Between Host and Pathogen

William SJ Horman, Thi HO Nguyen, Katherine Kedzierska, Andrew GD Bean, Daniel S Layton

Frontiers in Immunology | FRONTIERS MEDIA SA | Published : 2018


The emergence of zoonotic strains of avian influenza (AI) that cause high rates of mortality in people has caused significant global concern, with a looming threat that one of these strains may develop sustained human-to-human transmission and cause a pandemic outbreak. Most notable of these viral strains are the H5N1 highly pathogenic AI and the H7N9 low pathogenicity AI viruses, both of which have mortality rates above 30%. Understanding of their mechanisms of infection and pathobiology is key to our preparation for these and future viral strains of high consequence. AI viruses typically circulate in wild bird populations, commonly infecting waterfowl and also regularly entering commercial..

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