Thesis / Dissertation

Who Governs the 'Ungovernable'? Examining Governing Relations in Urban Informality

Redento Recio, Sonia Roitman (ed.), Iderlina Mateo-Babiano (ed.)

Published : 2018


For several decades now, Metro Manila’s Baclaran district has been home to thousands of street vendors who have capitalised on its functions as a commercial centre, a transport node, and a Filipino Catholic devotional site. This presence of informal hawkers, which some government officials consider as an urban blight, has generated a range of policies that seek to manage, if not eradicate, the informal hawkers. Years of street occupancy, however, have enabled the tenacious vendors to enforce grassroots mechanisms to appropriate streetscapes. I refer to this interplay of state interventions and grassroots practices as the formal-informal interface. Seen from an urban planning perspective, the..

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