Conference Proceedings

A data stream processing optimisation framework for edge computing applications

G Amarasinghe, MD De Assuncao, A Harwood, S Karunasekera

IEEE | Published : 2018


© 2018 IEEE. Data Stream Processing (DSP) is a widely used programming paradigm to process an unbounded event stream. Often, DSP frameworks are deployed on the cloud with a scalable resource model. One of the key requirements of DSP is to produce results with low latency. With the emergence of IoT, many event sources have been located outside the cloud which can result in higher end-To-end latency due to communication overhead. However, due to the abundance of resources at the IoT layer, Edge computing has emerged as a viable computational paradigm. In this paper, we devise an optimisation framework, consisting of a constraint satisfaction formulation and a system model, that aims to minimis..

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