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Continuous obstructed detour queries

RR Saha, T Hashem, T Shahriar, L Kulik

LIPIcs : Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics | Schloss Dagstuhl | Published : 2018


© Rudra Ranajee Saha, Tanzima Hashem, Tasmia Shahriar, and Lars Kulik. In this paper, we introduce Continuous Obstructed Detour (COD) Queries, a novel query type in spatial databases. COD queries continuously return the nearest point of interests (POIs) such as a restaurant, an ATM machine and a pharmacy with respect to the current location and the fixed destination of a moving pedestrian in presence of obstacles like a fence, a lake or a private building. The path towards a destination is typically not predetermined and the nearest POIs can change over time with the change of a pedestrian's current location towards a fixed destination. The distance to a POI is measured as the summation of t..

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