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Protecting against electrode insertion trauma using dexamethasone.

Scott Chambers, Carrie Newbold, Dimitra Stathopoulos, Karina Needham, Chris Miller, Frank Risi, Ya Lang Enke, Godofredo Timbol, Robert Cowan

Cochlear Implants Int | Published : 2019


OBJECTIVE: To compare the benefits of a dexamethasone-eluting array for hearing preservation and cochlear histopathology in low trauma (soft-surgery) and high trauma models of cochlear implant surgery. METHODS: Adult guinea pigs were implanted with an intra-cochlear array using two different surgical procedures: either a soft-surgery approach or following generation of electrode insertion trauma (high trauma). Two methods of dexamethasone delivery were evaluated: elution from an electrode array alone, and elution from a cochlear implant electrode array in combination with a pre-operative systemic injection. All electrode arrays were implanted for a period of 4 weeks. Outcome measures at 4 we..

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