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High-intensity physical exercise increases serum α-klotho levels in healthy volunteers.

Sven-Jean Tan, Melissa M Chu, Nigel D Toussaint, Michael Mx Cai, Tim D Hewitson, Stephen G Holt

Journal of Circulating Biomarkers | Published : 2018


The recently discovered klotho proteins have roles in a diverse range of metabolic processes with the oldest protein, α-klotho, implicated in various cellular pathways in energy, glucose, and phosphate metabolism. Circulating soluble klotho (sKl), derived from membrane α-klotho cleavage, not only has effects on ion channels and insulin signaling pathways, but is inversely associated with mortality. Effects of physical exercise on sKl have not been well studied. The effect of a single high-intensity standardized exercise on sKl and serum phosphate (sPi) levels in healthy adults was investigated. A standard Bruce protocol treadmill exercise was undertaken by 10 fasting healthy volunteers. sKl,..

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