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Manganese causes neurotoxic iron accumulation via translational repression of amyloid precursor protein and H-Ferritin

Vivek Venkataramani, Thorsten R Doeppner, Desiree Willkommen, Catherine M Cahill, Yongjuan Xin, Guilin Ye, Yanyan Liu, Adam Southon, Allegra Aron, Ho Yu Au-Yeung, Xudong Huang, Debomoy K Lahiri, Fudi Wang, Ashley I Bush, Gerald G Wulf, Philipp Stroebel, Bernhard Michalke, Jack T Rogers

Journal of Neurochemistry | WILEY | Published : 2018


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Awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully thank Katharina Fernsebner (Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen) for providing rat brains and IC-ICP-OES data, Sabrina Becker (FACS core facility, University Medical Center Gottingen), Wong Fongying and Rachit Bakshi (Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School) for excellent technical assistance, Susann Diegmann (Department of Neuropediatrics, University Medical Center Gottingen) for ALK Sanger sequencing of SH-SY5Y cells, Ulrike Muller (University Heidelberg) for providing APP<SUP>+/+</SUP> and APP<SUP>-/-</SUP> MEFs and Christopher J. Chang (University of California, Berkeley) for critical discussion and data analysis of IP-1 and Rho-Nox1 experiments, and Jens C. Hamann (Weil Cornell Medicine) for critical reading and editing of the manuscript. VV was supported by the intramural research grant (Forschungsforderung) of the University Medical Center Gottingen and the Else-Kroner-Fresenius Foundation. XH and JTR are partially supported by a NIH grant (R01AG056614 to XH). DKL is supported by a NIHR01 grant (AG051086 and P30AG010133). FW is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31530034, and 31330036). The authors have no conflict of interest to declare. The authors declare no conflict of interest whatsoever