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Development of a pilot proficiency program for human papillomavirus DNA detection

Anna-Maria G Costa, Ros Escott, Suzanne M Garland, Deane Byers, Sepehr N Tabrizi



Human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing has become routine in many diagnostic laboratories, particularly with changes from cervical cytology to HPV DNA as primary screening as of 1 December 2017 in Australia. External quality assurance (EQA) is essential for assessment of laboratory performance once HPV testing is implemented. The aim of this study was to develop a pilot program to evaluate and determine stability of material that could be utilised in an ongoing external quality assurance program (EQAP). Two sample types were evaluated: cells in PreservCyt solution (ThinPrep) from stored clinical specimens and HPV-seeded swabs. Two panels sent 5 months apart were distributed to 18 Australian ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This pilot project was conducted by the RCPA Quality Assurance Programs Pty Ltd (Serology) through a grant provided by Quality Use of Pathology Program (QUPP) of Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing. The focus group included Deane Byers, Ros Escott, Ian Frazer, Suzanne Garland, William Rawlinson, Marion Saville, Sepehr Tabrizi and Mark Van Asten. With thanks to Symbion Laverty Pathology, North Ryde, NSW, for pre-issue testing for Panel 1, and for providing specimens used for Panel 2. We thank the molecular microbiology laboratory at The Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, including Andrew Daley from The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. We also thank the laboratories who participated in testing the panels provided by the pilot program.