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Relationships between plant drought response, traits, and climate of origin for green roof plant selection

Pengzhen Du, Stefan K Arndt, Claire Farrell



The ideal species for green or vegetated roofs should have high water use after rainfall to maximize stormwater retention but also survive periods with low water availability in dry substrates. Shrubs have great potential for green roofs because they have higher rates of water use, and many species are also drought tolerant. However, not all shrub species will be suitable and there may be a trade-off between water use and drought tolerance. We conducted a glasshouse experiment to determine the possible trade-offs between shrub water use for stormwater management and their response to drought conditions. We selected 20 shrubs from a wide range of climates of origin, represented by heat moistu..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Guiqing Xu and Xiang Zhang for assistance planting and harvesting plants and Chris Szota for assistance with the use of the pressure chamber during this experiment. We also thank Burnley nursery staff Nick Osborne and Sascha Andrusiak for technical assistance during the experiment. The China Scholarship Council (CSC) funded P. Du with a PhD fellowship.