Book Chapter

Conclusion: Post-suburban worlds?

F Wu, NA Phelps

International Perspectives on Suburbanization: A Post-Suburban World? | Palgrave Macmillan UK | Published : 2011


At the beginning of this book, we attempted to distinguish ‘post-suburbia’, asking whether it signalled a new era, a new settlement space or new actors and forces in suburban development. Now after the completion of the journey through many places, we might suggest that the answer is a bit of each to some extent. What emerged at the outset and in the subsequent chapters was that post-suburbia does not embody a clean break with suburbanization. We see the primary value of the term in focusing attention on the multi-faceted, and multi-scalar, nature of transformations affecting metropolises. In this conclusion chapter, we deepen the discussion of the prefix of ‘post-’ in the concept of postsub..

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