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Encore for the Enclave: The Changing Nature of the Industry Enclave with Illustrations from the Mining Industry in Chile

Nicholas A Phelps, Miguel Atienza, Martin Arias



Conceptual innovation with respect to the enclave concept has been virtually absent compared with industry agglomerations. This is despite the fact that some varieties of agglomeration distinguished in the literature appear to come close to what previously were regarded as industrial enclaves and despite frequent allusions to the enclave nature of economic spaces produced by contemporary processes of globalization. Bringing the literature on agglomeration and enclaves into dialogue, we revisit the concept of the enclave-a concept that has been largely neglected since it enjoyed a popularity in connection with the study of particular (notably extractive) industries and particular (notably dep..

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Awarded by CONICYT

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful for the support of CONICYT through its program "Attraction of Advanced Human Capital" (project number 80130003), under which Nicholas Phelps was a visiting scholar at the Departamento de Economia, Universidad Catolica del Norte during summer 2014. We also would like to thank the editor and three anonymous referees for their detailed and helpful comments on previous drafts of this article and Miles Irving at University College London for preparing the maps and diagrams.